Monofocal / Multifocal Iols

Monofocal / Multifocal Iols

During cataract surgery, New York City laser cataract surgeon Sandra Belmont, MD, FACS, replaces the cataract-diseased eye lens with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens implant (IOL) to restore clear sight after surgery. At Belmont Eye Center, we offer a variety of IOL options, including traditional monofocal IOLs as well as premium IOL choices such as multifocal IOLs.

What do “monofocal” and “multifocal” mean? Let’s take a look.

Monofocal Iols

Monofocal IOLs allow patients to see clearly at one distance, either near, far or intermediate. Traditional monofocal IOLs typically allow individuals to see well in the distance, but do not eliminate the need for reading glasses to see clearly up close.

Multifocal Iols

In contrast to monofocal IOLs, multifocal lenses allow individuals to see clearly at multiple distances. Multifocal IOLs are typically considered a premium option. However, many patients find that it is worth it to get multifocal IOLs because they can usually forgo their daily dependence on prescription glasses or contact lenses once the multifocal IOLs are in place.

If you are an appropriate candidate for multifocal IOLs and you wish you to pursue this option, Dr. Belmont will recommend a type of multifocal lens that best suits your vision correction and lifestyle needs.

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